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Product Information



Our base product for OO and N gauge indexing turntable is based on a 70 foot turntable. This product utilises the 'bridge' and 'well' from a commercially available product.


This product is supplied with bridge handrails and grids for the well. These are not fitted to prevent damage during transportation and to provide the option for customers to fit a more detailed handrail if preferred.


We also produce drive systems to fit Kitwood HIll Model turntables which can be purchased with an adaptor for ease of installation.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - approximate sizes as each is bespoke:


N gauge:       Length 230mm / Width 165mm / Depth 110mm

                       (L9" x W6.5" x D5")


Bridge length - 151mm (6") - can accommodate locos such as the Dapol Britannia 

Hole required 151mm (6 1/10")



OO gauge:     Length 355mm / Width 330mm / Depth 125mm

                        (L14" x W13" x D5")


Bridge length - 304mm (12") - can accommodate locos such as 9F's and A4s 

Overall diameter of the well 327mm (12 7/8")

Hole required 309mm (12 1/4")


Drive system - these are custom built with a variety of options available. Size is obviously                            dependent upon type of drive system required. However, in general

                         the smaller version requires a 5" clearance / the larger version an 8"


What's in the Indexing Drive System Package?


  • a fully assembled and tested indexing unit
  • a 2 line display keypad controller panel - designed to be installed into the user's control fascia. This cannot be hand held as the moisture from your hand can corrupt the display) (We have the option of a control panel box which is available for an additional £15 - pictures shown below)
  • 2 metres of Cat5 cable (alternative lengths available on request)
  • a 12v transformer and
  • comprehensive installation, programming and operating instructions




PRICE:  N and OO gauge current stock £462 plus P&P

              where appropriate  

              Drive system for alternative gauges start from £450 - please call to discuss. 
             P&P extra where appropriate



The Adaptor Ring Kit


We recommend, but it is not essential, an adaptor ring kit for either the OO or N gauge turntable units.The main advantages being it allows you to :


  • to remove the complete turntable assembly from underneath your baseboard without having to disturb track-work. (The track-work sits over the edge of the well.)
  • to raise or lower the turntable assembly to ensure that the bridge rails are aligned correctly with the baseboard rails.


These consist of 2 pieces of CNC machine cut 12mm MDF.

  • Piece 1 - The OO version, due to popular demand, is now 18" square and the N gauge is 11" square. Both have a CNC machined hole in the middle which is the outside diameter of the lip of the turntable 'well'.
  • Piece 2 - is a CNC machine stepped ring which the turntable unit fits into. This is held in place on the underside by means of 4mm countersunk bolts, washers and wing nuts.

To remove the turntable unit, you first have to disconnect the wires from the PCB under the turntable, then undo the wing nuts. The complete unit can then be safely removed from underneath without having to disrupt any of the track work.


Both versions have the facility to adjust the bridge rail height with the height of the tracks to achieve a smooth prototypical transition. This also allows for easy adjustments if tracks are laid on a cork base.


If purchased, instructions on how to fit the adaptor ring kit are provided.



PRICE:  N gauge £50.00 plus P&P where appropriate (no change in price anticipated)

              OO gauge £75.00 plus P&P where appropriate (no change in price anticipated)



Weathering Service


We offer a turntable weathering service. These are often kept in stock or can be specifically weathered and brick lined to your requirements. The price for the service is:


N gauge

Basic weathering only is £50.00


OO gauge - versions available currently £462 plus


  • Weathering and brick lining £90.00 or
  • Super Detailing includes weathering and brick lining, plus fully fitted and weathered vacuum tanks and operating station £190 (alternative options also available - please call to discuss)

Pictures of the above can be seen in the gallery below.



(Please note that we continue to look to develop our products and therefore reserve the right to make any changes.) 



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